Sunday, 11 September 2016

Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin

Backstage, Apollo Crews chit chat with SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan, who lately told the rookie to loosen up. Baron Corbin stormed in, talking trash to his fellow NXT alum.Daniel Bryan booked a match between these two for the Pre show to get some entertainment.Crews was able to evade The Lone Wolf early on, but Corbin caught him, slowing the bout down. The match became a clash of power versus speed, with the former winning out in the end.The back-and-forth bout saw each warrior daze the other, but Corbin's End of Days proved to be the decisive move.
Baron Corbin Deg. Apollo Crews at backlash 2016
Baron Corbin Deg. Apollo Crews

Backlash results 2016
Baron Corbin Deg. Apollo Crews


Corbin wins via pinfall.

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