Thursday, 15 September 2016

AJ Style vs Dean Ambrose

Backlash results 2016

AJ Style vs Dean Ambrose

AJ Style vs Dean Ambrose

AJ Styles focused on Dean Ambrose's neck as he dominated the champ. The challenger managed to stay on top of Ambrose, controlling the pace.

Ambrose battled back by way of high-risk moves.

The Phenomenal One halted his momentum, however, by zeroing in on his left leg. Styles wrenched his leg back. Ambrose had to simply survive.

The battle moved to the outside as the two warriors slugged it out in the stands. That brawl revitalized Ambrose, but a collision with the referee threw him off balance. A low blow and a Styles Clash earned the heel a win.


Styles wins via pinfall to become WWE world champ.

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